If current trends continue, nine out of ten children will grow up to have unhealthy amounts of fat in their bodies, a government report has concluded. So even if your kids look healthy today, adulthood could bring an early death from heart disease, Type 2 diabetes or cancer.

The British Heart Foundation, Diabetes UK and Cancer Research UK want to do all we can to help parents give their kids healthy diets and a more active lifestyle.

This initiative is part of the Change4Life movement. To maintain a healthy weight we need to both eat well and move more. Many families are making changes that will help them live healthier and longer lives.

For some top tips and great ideas on ways to change your kid’s eating and exercise habits, visit our websites by following the links from this page.

Fundraising at work

Red letter day – Sponsor the boss to deliver the post, work in the canteen at lunchtime, or make the tea. Or organise a team-building red letter day, with everyone making a donation.

Sweepstake – Why not use one of our sweepstake posters as an easy way to raise some money? Charge people to enter and arrange a prize for the winner.

Red, not blue – A few swear boxes placed around the office should raise plenty of money. You decide on how much to charge per naughty word.

Guess the Red – Fill a jar with lots of red treats, such as dried cranberries or juicy strawberries, and ask people to donate £1 to guess the number in the jar. The winner takes the jar of goodies home.

Get baking – Why not have an office bake-off? Challenge your colleagues to make the best red cake then sell them in your office. You can order heart-shaped cookie cutters from our online shop

Red olympics – 2012 is the year the Olympics come to the UK. Get everyone ready by challenging your colleagues to a tournament where everyone pays to enter – you could even enter as teams and each person could have their own event. Think egg and spoon races, hula hooping, office chair races, or even come up with your own version of curling!

Fundraising at school

Red faces – Arrange a face-painting event at your local school, nursery or youth club. Let your creativity run wild.

Red snack time – Make some healthy red treats such as red smoothies, red fruit kebabs and strawberry scones and sell them in your canteen or tuck shop at school.

Red football – Love football? Arrange a red football tournament for everyone. Have classes compete against each other and get friends and family to sponsor everyone to enter – you could even hold it after school so they can come and watch – better still, get them playing too!

Red for Heart art – Whether it’s with paints, pastels, pencils, plaster of paris or potoatoes, get crafty in the classroom and create some “works of heart”. Put together an exhibition and charge people to come and see your creations. You could even have a sale or an auction once the exhibition’s over!

Red catwalk – Dig out your finest, fanciest or funniest red gear and strut your stuff on a catwalk! Get everyone in school involved (even the teachers) and have some fashionable fun whilst raising money. Everyone pays to enter and you could even have an X Factor style judging panel to pick their favourite outfits. The redder the better!

Fundraising at home

Become a redhead – Get sponsored to be a redhead for the day. Dye your hair red, or cheat and wear a red wig.

Wine tasting – Like to know your Shiraz from your Claret? Then invite your friends round for a (red) wine tasting. You could ask them to make a donation to attend, or have a collection box to hand. Get some help with your red wine tasting evening.

Come dine red with me – Invite your friends round and get each of them to bring a red dish. Everyone should be wearing red of course and you can ask people to pay a suggested donation. Let us help with some red recipe ideas.

Fundraising in your community

Red sing song – Singalong to ‘Lady in Red’, ‘Red Red Wine’ or the Red Hot Chili Peppers – you can purchase our red song playlist to enhance your red event.
BHF Bingo – Eyes down for our BHF Bingo game. Rules, cards and a game board are available to download.
Red for Heart party – If they’re not wearing red, they’re not coming in! Throw a party with a red dress code, red decorations, red food, red drinks and don’t let your guests in unless they’ve made a donation, then have a raffle or whatever you want to do to raise money. You can get your essential red party products from our online shop, or pop down to your local BHF shop to see what they’ve got to help you on your way.